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壁如花園 Property Number : TEC638-40353


AddressCape Drive
Location Map
Basic InfoDetached House
ParticularsGood Layout & Efficient, Spacious Rooms, High Efficiency, Terrace Garden, Nice Decoration, Great Value, Best For Investment, High Privacy, Quiet & Boutique Living
($213,704 Monthly Repayment)
Saleable Area 2,751 sq.ft.
($35,623 psf)
Layout4 Bedrooms, including 2 Ensuites
Advertisement Date2019-08-14
Miranda Wong   (E-250197)
9255 0553
Miranda Wong's Blog
Other Contacts :
Joseph Yan   (E-034909)
6138 5633 (86) 155-77449010
  Peak And South Shun Tak Centre Branch   2813 1802
PropertyFloorUnitReg. DateConsiderAreaUnit Price
Block A1 Hillgrove1/FFLAT A108/07/19$38M S.A. 1,724
GFA 1,765
$22,209 $21,693
House C4 HillgroveNO. 18HOUSE C421/03/18$94M S.A. 3,004
GFA 2,950
$31,292 $31,864
Block A4 Hillgrove3/FFLAT A427/04/16$39M S.A. 1,724
GFA 1,765
$22,610 $22,085
Block A3 Hillgrove3/FFLAT A314/10/15$42M S.A. 1,724
GFA 1,765
$24,130 $23,569
House B11 HillgroveNO. 18HOUSE B1118/11/14$75M S.A. 2,773
GFA 2,679
$27,047 $27,996

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壁如花園 Ref. : TEF807-08970
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($261,678 Monthly Repayment)
S.A. 2,773 sq.ft. ($43,274 psf $61 psf)
Detached House
4 Bedrooms
Spacious Rooms, Nice Decoration, Invite Offers, For Sale & For Lease, High Privacy, Tranquil Environment, Grandstand View
South Bay Palace
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GFA 5,100 sq.ft. ($19,216 psf )
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Redhill Peninsula
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with lease
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S.A. 1,013 sq.ft. ($25,666 psf )
GFA 1,401 sq.ft. ($18,558 psf )
Simplex,Low Floor Zone
2 Bedrooms, including 1 Ensuite
Good Layout & Efficient, Spacious Rooms, with Ensuite, Bright & Airy, Nice Decoration, Full Facilities, Shuttle Bus, Best For Investment, Prestige Location, Famous School Network, Famous Property

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Headland Road
赫蘭道 Ref. : TEC959-40353
($2,616,784 Monthly Repayment)
S.A. 10,977 sq.ft. ($109,319 psf )
GFA 13,033 sq.ft. ($92,074 psf )
Detached House
6 Bedrooms
Spacious Rooms, High Efficiency, Terrace Garden, High Ceiling, Internal Stairs & Lift, Private Swimming Pool, Rare Offer, Best For Investment, Prestige Location, Grandstand View, Tranquil Environment
No. 28 Barker Road
白加道28號 Ref. : TEN435-40353
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S.A. 4,270 sq.ft. ($159,251 psf )
Detached House
Good Layout & Efficient, Spacious Rooms, Sky Garden, High Ceiling, Private Swimming Pool, Invite Offers, Best For Investment, Rare in Market, Prestige Location, High Privacy, Grandstand View
Twin Brook
雙溪 Ref. : TEA633-40353
$15,000萬 $13萬 incl
($327,098 Monthly Repayment)
S.A. 2,423 sq.ft. ($61,907 psf $54 psf)
GFA 2,700 sq.ft. ($55,556 psf $48 psf)
Simplex,Low Floor Zone
4 Bedrooms, including 3 Ensuites
High Efficiency, Spacious Rooms, Good Layout & Efficient, Nice Decoration, For Sale & For Lease, Prestige Location, High Privacy, Grandstand View, Easy to Park, Good Security, Lowrise Apartment, Sea View
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