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Grand Austin Property Number : SYS059-23527


Flat / UnitA
AddressTower 2
9 Austin Road West
Location Map
Basic InfoApartment
High Floor Zone
ParticularsGrand-Proportioned, 5-Star Club House, Rare Offer, Core Location, Top of MTR, Quiet & Central, Grandstand View
($392,518 Monthly Repayment)
Saleable Area 1,502 sq.ft.
($119,840 psf)
Layout4 Bedrooms, including 2 Ensuites
1 Maid's Room
Advertisement Date2019-06-17
Stella Siu   (S-267918)
9092 9937 (86) 158-14703338
Stella Siu's Blog
Other Contacts :
Ringo Ng   (E-005237)
  West Kowloon M+ High Speed Rail Station Branch   2310 8803
PropertyFloorUnitReg. DateConsiderAreaUnit Price
Tower 2 Grand Austin31/FFLAT A27/11/18$64M S.A. 1,502 $42,743
Tower 2 Grand Austin30/FFLAT C21/02/18$28M S.A. 974 $28,747
Tower 2 Grand Austin22/FFLAT B09/03/17$37M S.A. 1,215 $30,041
Tower 2 Grand Austin23/FFLAT A06/10/15$44M S.A. 1,500 $29,133
Tower 2 Grand Austin9/FFLAT B14/01/15$31M S.A. 1,235 $24,824

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Simplex,High Floor Zone
2 Bedrooms
Quiet & Central, Quiet & Boutique Living, Grandstand View, Nice Decoration, 5-Star Club House, Full Facilities, Invite Offers, Convenient, Core Location
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