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華源大廈 Property Number : SVJ029-14761


Flat / UnitA1
AddressBlock A
87 Nathan Road
Location Map
Basic InfoApartment
High Floor
ParticularsBest For Investment, Rare Offer, Invite Offers, Opportunity Knocking, Unrepeatable Opportunity, Core Location, Top of MTR, Convenient, Easy Shopping
($18,274 Monthly Repayment)
Saleable Area 735 sq.ft.
($11,401 psf)
Gross Floor Area 800 sq.ft.
($10,475 psf)
Effciency Ratio92%
Advertisement Date2021-05-06
Candy Cheng   (S-071529)
6129 9550
Candy Cheng's Blog
Other Contacts :
Joe Chu   (E-014574)
  The Cullinan Branch   2328 0268
PropertyFloorUnitReg. DateConsiderAreaUnit Price
Block A Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion5/FFLAT A429/07/19$6M S.A. 478
GFA 557
$11,506 $9,874
Block A Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion14/FFLAT A314/12/18$5M S.A. 464 $11,681
Block A Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion3/FFLAT A302/03/18$4M S.A. 464 $9,547
Block A Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion11/FFLAT A424/05/17$4M S.A. 478
GFA 600
$8,368 $6,667
Block A Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion14/FFLAT A430/09/16$4M S.A. 478 $8,326

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The Coronation
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GFA 403 sq.ft. ($19,355 psf $41 psf)
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0 Bedroom
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The Harbourside
君臨天下 Ref. : SWA204-14761
$7,300萬 $7萬 incl
($159,188 Monthly Repayment)
S.A. 1,084 sq.ft. ($67,343 psf $63 psf)
GFA 1,422 sq.ft. ($51,336 psf $48 psf)
Simplex,High Floor
3 Bedrooms, including 1 Ensuite
Spacious Rooms, Grand-Proportioned, Grandstand View, Quiet & Boutique Living, Top of MTR, Sea View
擎天半島 Ref. : SVP681-14761
($40,342 Monthly Repayment)
S.A. 620 sq.ft. ($29,839 psf )
GFA 836 sq.ft. ($22,129 psf )
Simplex,Low Floor
2 Bedrooms, including 1 Ensuite
Good Layout & Efficient, High Efficiency, Top of MTR, Convenient, with Ensuite
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